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    Accessing the CMS repository through a portlet

    robin_panicker Newbie

      I need to access the list of files in the CMS storage.

      I am trying the following in my portlet code


      MBeanServer mbeanServer = MBeanServerLocator.locateJBoss();
      CMS CMSService = (CMS)MBeanProxy.get(CMS.class, new ObjectName
      ("portal:service=CMS"), mbeanServer);

      Command listCMD = CMSService.getCommandFactory

      Folder mainFolder = (Folder)CMSService.execute(listCMD);

      List folders = mainFolder.getFolders();
      List files = mainFolder.getFiles();

      But i am getting a null pointer exception at CMSService.getCommandFactory().createFolderGetListCommand(sPath)


      Can someone please verify if this is the correct way to get a list of files and folders in the CMS repository?