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    rich:dropSupport did not rerender in IE or Firefox 2 ?

    Ralph Soika Apprentice


      I implemented a DragAndDrop UI which should add panelMenuItems into a rich:panelMenuGroup.
      During the DropEvent (rich:dropSupport) I call a dropListener in my backing bean - works fine.
      I also assigend a "action" to the dropSupport which simple points to the same page currently displayed when the dropEvent happens.
      During the page refresh the PanelGroup should be rebuild with the new added dropValue.
      This works perfect in Firefox 3 on my Linux machine.
      But when I test this on IE 7 or Firefox 2 on a Windows machine the Menu will not be rerendered.
      All the Backend methods of my backing beans are all called correctly and returns the new set of menuitems.
      In IE 7 and Firefox 2 nothing happens. As a side effect also the MenuPanels itself did not work anymore. I need to reload the hole site using the RefreshButton of the Browser so everything is rendered correctly.

      Did anybody know what I did wrong or where I have to look ?

      This is the example of my DropZone:

       <rich:dropSupport id="trash"
       acceptedTypes="remove_project, remove_workitem"

      The reRedner attriubute seems not to play any role. If I remove that nothing changes.

      My panelMenu Items are created dynamical using a c:if tag:

      <c:forEach items="#{myProfileMB.primaryProjects}"
       <rich:panelMenuItem label="#{primaryProject.item['txtName']}"
       <f:param name="uniqueid"
       value="#{primaryProject.item['$uniqueid']}" />

      Thanks for any help