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    How To create fields in a CMS

    Karime Ruibal Newbie

      I was researching the topic of adding content in JBOSS portal. I found that from the option CMS -> Create file, I can add content which has textfields to enter description, title and the file name, plus a textarea, which can use a WYSIWIG editor to fill the body of the content.

      While this is useful, I need to create a file like that but with some custom fields, something like creating a template structure with liferay or define one type of content with drupal. What I need is to know how to create a file which contains fields to fill that are defined by me.

      For example, I need that in addition to the title and description, the content that is being created has a field where they can enter a date, you have a checkbox and add another textarea to enter comments (in addition to define whether they are required or optional) . Is there any way to accomplish this?

      Sorry for my English and already many thanks