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    get UserModule via lookup exception

    Denis Marzadro Novice


      JBossPortal 2.6.4 (bundled with Jboss AS)
      oracle 9.2
      portlet in jsf tecnology (with portlet-3.2.0-20071207.053132-44.jar to manage portlet lifecycle)

      we defined a new user properties and just want to get it from UserProfileModule. To do this following manuals we are trying to retrieve the UserModule by
      UserModule userModule = (UserModule) new InitialContext().lookup("java:portal/UserModule")
      command but it throws a classcastexception telling the object is a HibernateUserModuleImpl.

      What's my mistake? Suggestions?
      I read about the default configuration and the possibility to define delegation module to manage users and roles but i wouldnt do it.

      thanks in advance