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    page to page communication

    Naresh Shah Newbie

      I have JBoss-portal 2.6.3 GA.

      how do i switch from pageA to pageB with few parameters ?
      I read chapter IPC(inter portlet communication for JBOSS portal V2.6) and i found topic 'Link to other pages '. But this does not says about how to pass parameters to second page(to page B).

      your help will be preciated..

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          page don't have parameters in 2.6.x, they will likely have in 2.7.

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            Naresh Shah Newbie

            Thankx for your reply... when will it(jboss portal 2.7) be released ?

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              The official answer is quarter 3 (between July and September) but we would like to get it out rather sooner than later (i.e July).

              The good news is that the portlet container is fully implemented.
              The other good news is that the portlet container is mostly integrated in 2.7 to work as it works in 2.6

              The remaining work is about getting the new features smartly exploited by the portal (like page parameters) and work a lot on the Admin portlet to provide configuration of the Portlet 2 features.

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                Naresh Shah Newbie


                I did few work around and able to do Page to page communication with few parameter as string. Here is the relative url i have put inside achor tag

                <a href="<%= childURL.toString()+"/DestinationPortletWindow?action=2&myparameter="naresh"%>"><%= childName %>

                if you see the href part of the above anchor tag

                childURL: is a PortalNodeUrl of the destination page(PageB).

                DestinationPortletWindow: is name of the window which doView() is going to execute.

                action: is parameter which diffrenciate between the RenderRequest or ActionRequest.
                if action =1 , this url is going to call processAction()
                if action =2, doView() is going to call. In this case it is going to call doView().

                myparameter: is the parameter you want to send to the destination portlet. if you want more parameter , append parameter to end of the url.

                get the parameter in portlet as

                But still it has few limitation:

                1. I can not pass the object other than the string in this way.
                2. I have to get destination Page url on PageA.

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                  Shankar Khanna Newbie

                  Is there a way to access the parameter in all portlets in a page?

                  I have a link in PageA and i want to move to pageB with parameter. In pageB, i have 4 portlets. I want that the parameter to be accessible in all the portlets. what should i do?