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    DashBoard Functionality is not happening properly

    Venkata Apparao Newbie

      We are using jboss-portal2.6.1ha.sar and oracle 10g as our database.

      When we deploy the jboss-portal2.6.1ha.sar to the jboss4.05 GA with 3 nodes cluster and apache as webserver, when all the 3 nodes are up the dashboard functionality is not happening properly.

      I am explaining the behaviour clearly here

      when i click the edit dashbord link and create a new page it is not happening. After two or three tarils it is listing in the dropdown box. Then when i try to add a portlet to the page it is not happening, it is always selecting the default page. After all this exercise when i went back to the dashboard by clicking on the dashboard link, i am getting the 500 error. After few refreshes i am getting the dashboard page normally. This is the behaviour i am facing when all the 3 nodes are up.

      When only one node is on the behaviour is differnt. The dashboard functionality is working without any problems.

      What is the solution for this problem.
      I am also upgraded the jboss-cache.jar to 1.4.1 version and jgroups to 2.6

      Can anyone suggest a solution to this problem , how can i make the use of the dashboard functionlity when all the 3 nodes are up?

      Once again i am repeating the configuration that we use

      jboss4.05 GA server with 3 nodes as cluster and apache webserver to handle the requests
      oracle 10G as our database
      server cache upgraded to jboss-cache 1.4.1 sp8 and jgroups 2.6