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    JBoss Portal - Application Server, Specifications, Key featu

    Matthias Hueller Novice

      Hi all,

      I'm new to Portal/Portlets and currently preparing a quick (30 min) presentation of JBoss Portal. Therefore I've got a few general questions:

      Application Server
      Does JBoss Portal support any other Application Server than JBoss AS?

      Specifications and standards
      A "full J2EE 1.4 compliance when used with JBoss AS" is quoted in the documentation - but which JEE5 standards are supported with JBoss Portal? What about:
      - EJB 3.0?
      - JPA?
      - JSP 2.1/Servlet 2.5?
      - JSF 1.2?

      Key features
      There's a really big list of features in the documentation - but what are (in your opinion) the key features of JBoss Portal?

      Live demo
      I'm thinking about a short live demo (5 - 10 min) during my presentation. Do you know any cool feature of JBoss Portal to show within 5 - 10 minutes?

      Thanks a lot!!