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    New user atrributes

    Torben Frøberg Newbie


      This is concerning portal 2.6.4
      I would like to extend the characterization of a user with 2 new attributes (house no and street name). These 2 new attributes will be rather central to the portal, and will be used in several portlets, which will be developed later.

      Therefore I prefer not to define these attributes as dynamic attributes, but make them "central" just as an user id is.

      Up to now I have been able to modify the database model (I am using Postgressql as database) and the hibernate configuration (I hope), I have modified jsf pages including the xhtml page /jboss-portal.sar/portal-identity.sar/portal-identity.war/WEB-INF/jsf/common/register.xhtml, so the user is required to enter these two new attributes, when he wants to create an account.

      However, it seems I need to extend the class org.jboss.portal.core.identity.ui.IdentityUIUser and make my own class, which is similar to org.jboss.portal.core,identity.ui.action.CreateUserAction

      But now I am running into serious problems with the class loader. It cannot fnd my modified classes, even though I have placed my new classes in the same fil-folder as the "original" classes.

      Can someone tell me how such a fundamental change to the portal-identy portlet should be made, or a least give me a link to a "how-to" page.

      Thanks in advance


      PS. I am not an expert in jsf, and it the first time I am using it. But I have been reading the tutorial and I think I have succeeded in finding the appropriate configuration files.