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    Thiago do Amaral Newbie

      Hi , I am working with jboss portal, and I need help.

      When I create a new portal in jboss portal, it create some file xml ???

      I think, the files are in file "DATA" ,so How Can I acess this files ??
      what files are modifieds ??

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          Peter Johnson Master

          Do you mean the server/default/data directory? If so, the XML files in there are created by the Hypersonic database and represent the contents of the portal. What kind of data did you want to get from there?

          Which version of JBoss Portal are you using? Did you download the JBossAS + Portal bundle? (The bundle uses Hypersonic as the database, which is acceptable to play around with the Portal and for development work, but for production you should use another database, such as MySQL or PostgreSQL.)

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            Thiago do Amaral Newbie

            Hi Peter , thanks for your help , I acessed this files, and saw de tables !!
            I am studing the jboss, and using the jboss 2.4 (version with Pentaho-demo) , and I think to create something in tables to portal, i still studing this !!

            Thanks for your Help ,Friend !!!

            WBA Developer