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    How to - Portal 2.6.4 and Rich Faces integration

    Amol Desai Newbie

      Hello Friends,

      I've Portal 2.6.4 GA downloaded from Sources. Currently, I'm using MyFaces (JSFSunRI is not working as per my last topic posted here...i'm seeking help on that from the forum). However; my real time need is to use Rich Faces just as to avail of Ajax functionality.

      First of all,
      1. Can I use Rich Faces with the base install of JBoss Portal 2.6.4? (I do not have Seam)
      2. Can somebody make me aware of the steps/procedures to integrate Rich Faces with Portal 2.6.4?
      3. If I can not have Rich Faces with base Portal install, what are the other alternatives?

      Thank you in advance.