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    full images not displaying in portlet

    jack lista Newbie


      I am having a problem getting a whole image to display in a new portlet I'm working on. My apologies if this is simple; I've only a few days experience on jbossportal. I saw a similar post (see link below) and tried the code example but it makes no difference. The image appears to occupy it's actual dimensions for an instant as the portlet loads and then is immediately scaled down or occluded to a very small width, only a couple of pixels and about 5 pixels high. I've tried setting the width and height to 100 by 100 and 100px by 100px and that made no difference. Because of the apparent resizing I'm wondering if some javascript isn't doing this but I've not found anything about it anywhere in docs, wiki or forums. I started with the HelloWorldJSPPortlet example code and modified it to not post to the 2nd page and to simply display this image as a link. Here's the img tag:

      <img src="<%= renderRequest.getContextPath() %>/jsp/images/sun0504i-landfill5.jpg" height="100px" width="100px">

      I got the stuff referencing the renderRequest(...) from this post I mentioned above:


      I'm not having the same problem as that user however as the image shows and the link it's wrapped in works, it's just not showing the whole image. I can post more code if that would help...

      Thanks in advance!