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    Search Function

    Vinicius Carvalho Apprentice

      Hello there! I've just started with jackrabbit API and it's use inside jboss portal. Still have a lot to learn. We are building a search functionality for our portal, our first idea was to use lucene to index the documents as they were added (using cms interceptors to ask our indexer to do so). Our portal needs to search both static contents and dinamic contents (such as messases from a forum), hence we decided to create our own implementation of search.
      Browsing the wiki I've noticed a alpha project related to the topic. Where can I find more info on this? Also, any clues to find out how to query the portal own index would be nice (Don't know if it's gonna be possible, since our fields differ a lot from the ones used by then jackrabbit)

      Any sugestions, materials, hints on how to integrate our search and jboss portal would be most appreciated

      Best regards

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          Viet Master

          We have plans for doing something called "federated search" that allows to plug search plugins for content inside the portal but we don't have the resources for now to develop it properly (which is bad).

          As you are saying the goal of the federated search subproject is to integrate and federate search engines in JBoss Portal properly.