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    Issue with doView() in case of multiple portlets

    Shakti Purohit Newbie

      Hi all,

      I have a portal which contains 6-7 portlets. Each portlet, on some action redirects (requestdispatcher.include(req,res)) control to a jsp page. Each portlet has with it an associated jsp. The jsp page for each protlet calls a servlet whicd does some processing and sends back the response. The servlet is common to all jsp pages.

      The issues is when I do rendering in doView(), when there is only one portlet on the page everything is fine. However, when there are multiple portlets on the page each page does not get its corresponding response. If I have two portlets on the page, the response for the first portlet is recieved in second portlet. Moreover there is no call to servlet from jsp page in case of second portlet.

      I think there is one request object that is shared among all the portlets which leads to rendering of response for first portlet into the view area of second portlet.

      Please help.


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          pmn92 Novice

          I believe that you let your portlets to choose what layout to use to render the final page with content of all pieces. JBP team claimed it is possible but never told how to ...

          It looks like 2.7, based on JSR 286, will fix most issues.

          In the meantime, you could perhaps rethink your work and centralize the layout decision into one portlet - process action part - and then redirect to the right page.