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    Strange tree formatting

    Josh Earel Newbie

      I am currently trying to get version 3.1.5 of RichFaces working with our app. Because it is run on an OC4J server we are unable to use JSF 1.2 and by extension any version of RichFaces after 3.1.5.

      The main thing from RichFaces I'm trying to get working is the rich:tree control. I am able to get it to render and fully populate the tree, but the tree doesn't display correctly. All of the nodes always line up against the left side, no matter how deep in the tree they are, with no indentation at all.

      I'm not sure I'm describing it well, so here is a picture of what is happening. The Tax 1-2 and Tax 1-3 are children of Tax 1-1.