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    Action Make Default on Admin-Portlet do not work

    ameo Novice

      We have a Portal that we want to declare as default portal. It is necessary because we want the user to redirect to our default one that we define. The problem is that the default portal stays the provided "default portal".

      What I have all done:

      - undeployed out deploument , redeploy and tried to use again "Make Default"
      - deleted the specified portal on admin portlet and redeploy.
      - deletes files "server\default\tmp" and "server\default\work" and restart server
      - creates a portal on admin portlet, declare is as "Default Portal", dont work too?

      So, do you have other Ideas ?
      I know, that the function works on other portal-instances but I can't delete our portal instance.

      Version: JBoss-Portal 2.6.4