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    JSF command button with partial_refresh_enabled - Portal

    Shimon Lifshitz Newbie

      I am trying a simple jsf with 2 action buttons in the portal. (jsf in jsp not facletes). It works fine when partial_refresh_enabled = false. when partial_refresh_enabled = true, submit is performed but it always takes the action for the first button, so if I have 2 back bean methods it always perform the first command.

      code example:
      <f:loadBundle basename="travelist.bo.i18n.filters" var="rs" />
      <h:form id="filter">
      <h:panelGrid columns="5">
      <h:outputLabel value="From: " for="from" />
      <rich:calendar value="#{rf.fromDate}" id="from" popup="true" />
      <h:outputLabel value="To: " for="to" />
      <rich:calendar value="#{rf.toDate}" id="to" popup="true" />
      <h:outputText id="pentaho" escape="false" value="#pentaho.reportContent}" />
      <h:panelGrid columns="2">
      <h:commandButton id="montlyReport" value="Show Monthly Report"
      <h:commandButton id="showReport" value="Show Report" action="#{pentaho.activateGraph}" />