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    Registration email and email validation page

    Jim R Newbie


      We're building a portal with email validation enabled. I wonder if anyone has experience in the following problems:
      1. The placeholder ${emailDomain} in the email template is set to jboss.org, where can we chagne it? (Preferably in configuration file instead of admin GUI)
      2. The placeholder ${activationLink} is displayed as url without the domain prefix, something like: "/validateEmail/5/b8b46a5394083f859a98ff5fb9c3ae2d", what we need is something like "/http://www.myportal.com/validateEmail/5/b8b46a5394083f859a98ff5fb9c3ae2d", how do we change it?
      3. The page displayed at when you go to the above url is in jboss's default look and feel, how do we change it to our own look and feel?

      Thank you very much


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          Jim R Newbie

          Ok, nobody is customizing registraiton process?

          It turns out #1 is pretty easy, it's in identity-ui-configuration.xml. I never figured out why activationLink won't add domain, but an easy workaround is to hardcode the domain in email template.

          No idea on #3 either, I have altered the default portal's theme and layout, all the other pages of the identity portlet are using the new look and feel, but the page just won't pick it up. In the end I had to resolve to a hack by putting a js redirect in the index.xhtml so that it will instantly redirect away from the validation page to a page of my choice.