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    Problem when deploying Portlet in JBoss Portal

    Paula Bentabol Newbie


      I downloaded JBoss Portal 2.6.4 from your page and I am using JBoss 4.2.2. GA as Application Server.

      I want to use Portlets in the portal and I was following the Reference Guide of the JBoss Portal. I tried the example "HelloWorldJSFSunRIPortlet" and it worked properly. After that, I tried to create my own portlet in my Eclipse IDE, copying the folders and files of the example but it didn't work on deployment. I tried the same with the example "HelloWorldJSFMyFaces42Portlet" and I obtain the next error after deploying:

      13:29:47,143 ERROR [STDERR] org.jboss.portal.portlet.container.PortletInitializationException: Portlet class not found org.apache.myfaces.portlet.MyFacesGenericPortlet

      Can anyone help me, please?
      Thank you in advance.