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    CMS Upload File

    Antonio Gurisatti Newbie


      To start learning about JBoss portal I downloadad ver 2.6.4 bundled version.
      Im using Windows XP SP 1.

      Following the Quick Start Guide I did the Upload File excercise finding:

      1. There is an english entry in the action drop down, i.e. Upload File, and a Spanish one "Subir Fichero" (My default language in XP is Spanish.

      2. The rest of the entries are in english.

      3. The English entry does not work.

      4. The spanish entry uploads the zip file but without unpacking it.

      Does someone knows what do I have to dó to get this working correctly??

      Thanks in advance for any help

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          Antonio Gurisatti Newbie


          Sorry, I was pretty confused.

          The "Subir Fichero" option simply uploads a file. The Upload Archive option does loads a zip file and unpacks it (quite slow).

          The thing is that Upload Archive didnt work (or was extremely slow) in the bundled installation. I installed a brand new 4.2.2 JBoss Ap and installed the portal in it using a MySql DB and it worked ok.

          The spanglish (Spanish and English mixture) is still present.

          Thanks anyway and sorry for the confusion.