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    How to make a PortletRequestDisptach or sendRedirect after a

    Mehmet Salgar Novice


      how can we make a PortletRequestDisptach or sendRedirect from a JSF action.

      I have a clear idea how to make it in a pure portlet environment (in process action I can place a request parameter and in doView if the request parameter is there I can use the requestdispatch).

      Unfortunately this is not working in JSF environment with portletbridge with 1.0.0.B2. Unless I overwrite the portletbrdige I can't see a way to this or anybody has an suggestion....

      My case is this, we are trying to force Portal container to change a layout from a portlet (a JSF portlet with portletbridge would happen during a JSF action) so it would change the layout for the portal and load a new portlet.

      We hope to realise this via sendRedirect from the ActionResponse, unfortunately this isn't working with the portletbridge 1.0.0.B2 because we are getting "sendRedirect can't be done after Portlet View Mode is set", I think something is happening out of our control in portlet bridge.

      Or anybody has another idea to make this layout change?