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    Using JBOSS portal with Ajax framework

    Yaniv Newbie


      I'm using the latest stable release of JBoss portal 2.6.4 GA/win XP/native hypersonic database, which was downloaded from the following link:

      I would appreciate any tips regarding the following:
      My company has a web application written on top of JBoss AS and Bindows(ajax and ui frameword)

      We would like to port the application into JBoss portal and take advantage of the portal built in capabilities.

      The bindows framework is rather complex and takes some time to load, we would like to load it only once on the client side and then refer to it's APIs on any portlet without loading it again.

      The problem is that by default every time you click on a different page in the portal the entire page is reloaded which causes the bindows framework to reload.

      my question is how can we have the portal load only the pages which are being navigated to inside a frame(or any other method) without reloading the entire page to prevent the bindows from being reloaded.