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    login using email

    erez harari Novice

      can jboss portal be configured to use email as user name in login and other operations?
      can i just place the email in the user name field?

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          Peter Johnson Master

          If you configure the portal to use ldap for login, it is possible to use the user's email address for login, provided, of course, that the ldap information includes the user's email address (I know that MS Active Directory stores the email address).

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            erez harari Novice

            and when using a DB implementation?
            is there any way?

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              lucas montes Newbie

              the simpliest way i can think now is using your own registration portlet where you ask for an email and put it in the userName property of the Identity API, as well as creating your own login.jsp page, where you replace the login label with the word email. (report to the portal reference guide, where youn can find the modules used for account creation in the identity API chapter (HibernateUserModule.createUser or something like that...)

              hope this help,


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                Peter Johnson Master

                As long as the email address is in the database, then yes you can create a login module that uses the email address as the user's name. (Actually, you can use any information available in either ldap or a database as the login information, such as phone number, date of birth, even street address, though it prevents confusion if the information is unique.)