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    Vinicius Carvalho Apprentice

      Hello there! I would like to register my own PortletApplicationRegistryListener in order to listen to portlets being deployed inside my portal. I can't find how to register it within the PortletApplicationRegistry. How can I do this?


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          Vinicius Carvalho Apprentice

          ok I got it working. Just would like to share for others :

           public void start() throws Exception {
           MBeanServer server = MBeanServerLocator.locateJBoss();
           ObjectName name = new ObjectName("portal:service=WebAppRegistry");
           server.invoke(name, "addListener", new Object[]{new JBossPortletApplicationRegistryListener()}, new String[] {"org.jboss.portal.portlet.container.PortletApplicationRegistryListener"});

          Now I have notifications from the portlets being deployed. Is there any way of opening their web modules? I need to look for an specific file inside the war.