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    Define interportlet communication listener

    Anto Vala Newbie

      Hi to all

      i need a hand about the configuration of a jboss portal event listener, useful for creating a portlet "A" that communicates with a portlet "B" sending some parameters that the second potlet receive and use.

      well, i have written all classes, but i can't make the listener work because the server consolle returns an error of type: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: No ClassLoaders found for: ch.teamlab.ristur.demo.RisTurJsp$Listener

      can you help me to fix this bug please?

      i have some other questions too:
      1) in order to execute the portlet method processAction() is necessary that a client submit an html form?
      2) the signature of the method onEvent() , into the listener definition, exists in two different flavours, one i have found in the jboss portal reference guide(chapter 12) , and another a different manual(chapter 6)

      public PortalNodeEvent onEvent(PortalNodeEventBubbler bubbler, PortalNodeEvent event)

      public PortalNodeEvent onEvent(PortalNodeEventContext context, PortalNodeEvent event)

      the main difference is the type of the first parameter passed to the method: a class of type PortalNodeEventBubbler in one case and PortalNodeEventContext in the other : what are the differences beetween this 2 approaches and witch one works better?

      thank you very much.