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    Application User Database

    Steve Karlovic Newbie


      I'm rather new to Portal. We are building an application and trying to decide where to store the users and roles. We are going to use a database, however, we are contemplating whether it should be separate from the jbossportal default database,... or are all users of the Portal to exist in this database? We would like to authenticate against a different database but we don't want to lose any of the inherent Portal security and preferences features.

      What are the differences, in functionality, for one application, of storing users and roles in the default jbossportal database or another one? I see there are many other tables in the Portal database, if I separate out a user and roles tables, am I losing any functionality/features?


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          Sachin Mishra Newbie


          We are facing the similar situation we have different types of users that have their login details stored in different database etc.

          We only store roles in the Jboss Portal as we dont want to move all these users into the portal database.

          We have Custom login Interceptors that try to authenticated the users.

          One of the outstanding issue with this is that the User Details such as email, name etc by default jboss portal will try to load from the portal Database.

          I think it should be possible to populate the User Details using Custom Class something like UserIdentity i think. I haven't fully went through the code yet but this what i have so far.