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    Do applications run under portal must be portlets?

    Paul Tam Newbie


      My company is investigating on using JBoss Portal. We have many legacy applications written as regular webapps and we also need to integrate with 3rd party web applications such as crystal report. My question is can I deploy a regular webapp under Portal without being wrapped around as a portlet? I know we can use portlet bridge but I heard that the apps won't always run smoothly.


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          Viet Master

          The thing is that traditional web applications are not expected to behave fine in an aggregated page because the programming model is slightly different.

          You can use screen scrapping technique that consist of integrating the markup in the page as a portlet (like the portlet bridge project you mentionned). It can work pretty well if it is correctly used.

          If your application is written using a web framework then you could maybe lookg for a corresponding bridge for it.