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    Placing portlet_instances.xml in a central place ...

    Sourav Mazumder Newbie


      Seems like creating portlet instances from a central place (like portal-object.xml) is not supported.

      Can anyone please confirm this ?

      However, this looks to be a required feature which can provide proper separation of concern between portlet developer and deployer, especially if you don't want to use admin console (say you want to deploy the portal in 5 different boxes and doing the configuration job through admin console is not a choice) for creating portlet instances.

      Allowing portlet_instances.xml only in the same .war file which has the portlet.xml does not give enough separation where the portal deployer can decide how many portlet instances (for a given portlet) he needs to create and how he would like to set different preferences for them. In the current version of jboss portal (2.6.4) the deployer needs to change the same only by going into respective .war files of the portlets.

      Any takers ?