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    "Sub-admin" functionality to restrict what portlets he can a

    Tomi L Newbie

      The case:

      1. There are several different portlets.
      2. Customer will buy 6 of these modules.
      3. Customer will have own "sub-admin" that is able to create users or other
      admin to his portal. "
      4. Sub-admin" can define what kind of portals these users can have in their sites.
      5. Users can manage layout of these portlets that subadmin have granted them.

      How can I handle all this? Should I create own user control module for subadmin? If so, can I use the existing one to define what all portlets these subadmins may have to share their users?

      Could you please help me with this matter? I have gone through much and going through all I can find in reasonable time to know how this is to be manages in correct way. There will be portals inside portals etc., but what else..?

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          Tomi L Newbie

          And I'm working with JBossPortal 2.6.5...

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            Pavel Myshkin Newbie

            No easy way you can have portals in portals.. better think of some other architecture..

            Sub admins is easy - just make a simple portlet and use JBoss Portal API to manage the users of the portal but to enforce the subset of admins you need to implement is by yourself or use a JBP with properly configured LDAP