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    Back button navigation

    Srinivasan V Newbie


      I have developed a JSR168Portlet on JBoss portal environment. This portlet contains html forms to submit data and render different views (JSPs). We are using struts (2.0) JSR168Dispatcher to process the portlet requests (action/render).

      When I use back button, after navigating with in the portlet content area, the portlets are directly rendering the JSPs and not submitting the request to struts Action class.

      Does JBoss portal support back button navigation?

      Note: Browser cache is disabled hence back button requests are sent to the server.


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          Srinivasan V Newbie

          JBoss Portal Version : 2.6.3.GA
          JBoss AS Version : 4.2.2
          OS Platform : Mac OSX 10.4.11
          Browser : Safari 3.1.1

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            souvik chatterjee Newbie

            Hi, I just wanna to know whether there is any way to use own back button in jboss portal such a way that it will take u back to the immediate previous page?

            e.g. if we search something within the portal application, and then navigate to one of the searched results and then i want to come back to the results page again with all the same search criteria.

            if we use history.go(-1), then the behavior is inconsistent. it actually takes me back to the last portlet in the same state i have left.