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    ClassLoading issues

    Vinicius Carvalho Apprentice

      Hello there! I'm having some issues with jboss classloading inside portal.

      My problem is that I have an app that depends on lucene 2.3.2, and it seems that jackrabitt uses 1.4.

      What I need is a CMS interceptor that will index most of the things that are uploaded (html,xml,txt,pdf,doc,xsl, etc.). So I've registred my interceptor within portal-cms and the first problem I've got was related to class casting :(

      Since I had scoped deployments, I had to turn of CallByValue in order to have the cms loader recognize my class as a correct version (I'll try to fix this later cuz it really slows things down)

      Ok, now, back to the lucene issue. When Jboss starts, even with scoped deploy, the jackrabitts finds only my version of lucene and then it throws an exception on method signatures.

      Well, I've changed my app to be an ear, maybe that helps :). This time, the portal starts ok, jackrabitts sees its version of lucene. Chekcing the
      displayClassInfo operation, I can see that there are 2 instances of the class Document, but, it seems that now both point to the cms version.

      Ok, So I run the app, when my interceptor gets called, I get an error, since I depend on a different version of lucene and it is seen the cms version.

      I tried almost everything, I'll try now to use the class inside my ear, and see if it can see the correct version, if so, I was thinking about using JMS to send the message to an mdb to index it on a scoped app.

      Please any suggestions are very very welcome :D