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    Richfaces controls and backing beans

    Jens Weintraut Apprentice

      Hi there,

      we're thinking about migrating our application from ICEfaces to RichFaces. I read several posts about that topic and about advantages/disadvantages of ICEfaces/RichFaces.
      ATM I work on another application which uses RichFaces and I have to admit that RichFaces feels more "lightweight" to me. But the more I use components from RichFaces the more I miss features that ICEfaces has. One of those features is for example the "showPopup" attribute of ICEfaces' dialog component. This attribute allows to determine on server side whether to show the popup or not. Inspecting the RichFaces dialog I see that it can only be triggered from client-side. And there are more such attributes allowing contact with the server that I'm missing.

      With this dialog and a "showPopup" dialog it's easy to implement a simple CRUD application that shows the form which allows to edit an entity in a dialog. The user enters some data, presses "Save" and depending on the result of validation the popup stays open or disappears.
      With the RichFaces implementation of the dialog I don't know how I would implement this, since I have to use JS to hide the dialog.

      So I want to ask if I would have to essentially redesign the pages if I migrate to RichFaces. For example this disadvantage of the dialog would force me to switch from dialogs to separated pages, one to display the entities and one to edit an entity.

      Thanks in advance