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    Error with jackrabbit installing JBoss Portal

    Wilson Teixeira Newbie

      JBoss Portal 2.6.5 GA
      Portal downloaded from JBoss website
      JBoss AS 4.2.2 GA
      JDBC PostgreSQL
      Ubuntu 8.04


      I tried instal JBoss Portal in an application server that already had other application running. The follow exception show up: "org.jboss.deployment.DeploymentException: Could not create ConnectionFactory for adapter: jboss.jca:service=TxCM,name=librarytoolRepository/local". And it does not happen when each application run alone.

      I think the problem is that both applications are using the same jackrabbit , when they need to use differents ones.

      It is my problem clear?
      Someone have some suggestion for me?

      Thanks for attention.