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    CMS problem

    Keuller Magalhães Newbie

      Hi folks,

      I'm trying upload a ZIP file into CMS repository. Inside my ZIP file I have two HTML files and some images and CSS files. JBoss Portal uncompress a structure file in repository correct, but JBoss Portal changes all references of images and links of the HTML files.

      It is a representantion of my structure:

       +- cartaz.jpg
       +- bg.jpg
       +- general.css
       +- default.css

      All references in my HTML files are relatives. For example:

      <a href="images/cartaz.jpg">Icon</a>

      After upload JBoss Portal changes it to:

      <a href="/portal/content/images/cartaz.jpg">Icon</a>

      But right way would be:

      <a href="/portal/content/album/images/cartaz.jpg">Icon</a>

      All folder structure is in album folder. My HTML file is inside album folder and images are too. If I change it manually references its works fine.

      I'm using JBoss Portal 2.5.6.SP1, with Oracle persistence in RedHat Linux SO.

      Anyone has a suggestion or is it a bug ?


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          Peter Johnson Master

          I wrestled with this issue 2 years ago. I even suggested that the upload process automatically modify the URL as you mentioned. If I tried I could probably find the forum post gain. But the end result is that you need to add the "album/" part to your links. Yeah, it means that cannot verify the contents from outside the portal, but that's the way it is.