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    ajax displaytag issue

    shylaja ns Newbie

      Displaytag attribute url (link) is not working in jboss portal 2.4.6

      Code :

      <ajax:displayTag id="displayTagFrame" ajaxFlag="displayAjax" >
      Last Time Table Refreshed: ${now}
      <display:table name="pageScope.service.allCars" class="displaytag" pagesize="10"
      defaultsort="1" defaultorder="descending" export="true" id="row" excludedParams="ajax">
      <display:column property="make" title="Make" sortable="true" headerClass="sortable" />
      <display:column property="model" title="Model" sortable="true" headerClass="sortable" />
      <display:column title="Link" media="html">
      ${row.make} Web Page
      <display:column title="Link" media="excel xml">


      The link will work in tomcat but in jboss portal 2.4.6 its not working.

      Please let me if anybody has the solution for this issue.

      Thanks in advance.