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    specifying javascript location in portal-themes.xml

    Sourav Mazumder Newbie


      The theme I'm using for portal has CSS which depends a lot on javascripts.

      I'm specifying the javascript sources in portal-themes.xml. Also packaging those javascripts in the same theme folders where the css files reside. This is specificaly based on the guideliens given in Reference Guide document where it is said that 'A Portal theme is collection of CSS, javascript and images' (section 24.5.1).

      However, the problem I'm facing in this is though I've put the CSS declarations before javascript declaration in the portal-themes.xml, the javascript is getting loaded before the css and it is causing problem in the UI behaviour.

      Need some opinion/vision on -

      a) Why javascript is getting loaded before css ? Is this a bug ? Is there a work around to make it otherway ?
      b) Confirmation on packaging javascript in theme along with css and image