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    Hiding /portal/ in all urls.

    Mangeot Stephane Newbie


      I want to hide /portal/ in all urls.
      I've tried to use mod_proxy and mod_rewrite and the two methods works except when a link in a page contains /portal/.

      Examples :
      when I use the url http://test.foo.com/, it's correctly (internally) rewritten into http://test.foo.com/portal/ and the user see the first url.
      That's ok.

      When I click on a link in a portlet, the url is something like http://test.foo.com/portal/portletName. The user see /portal/ in the url.
      That's not ok, I want that the user sees http://test.foo.com/portletName.

      Is it possible to hide /portal/ in all urls ?