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    IPC & Page Communication

    jaya karteek Newbie

      I’m currently evaluating JBoss portal application. In my requirement, I’ve 2 portal pages say Page-A and Page-B and both has few portlets inside.
      There is a Menu portlet which has few Hyberlinks. It is added in both Page-A and Page-B at Left region like a Quick links for the application. My requirements are

      1) when I select a hyper link from Page-A (Menu portlet), I need to refresh the portal screen with Page-B, also i need to send some parameters between pages through portlets.

      2) Can selected portlet in page-B Mode(Maximized, minimized,Normal) can be modified though hyper links.

      I guess it is a simple work but I’m currently lacking with information. Could you please anyone provide me the proper documentation or sample code to understand the functionality.

      Thanks and regards,
      Jaya Karteek.