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    Dynamic portal page?

    Egor Kolesnikov Newbie


      How do I create a dynamic page in JBoss Portal? We have a lot of portlets, each has its own 'status' view (we are using Help view so far, because JBoss does not support custom-portlet-mode), and we have to display each portlet's status on the special 'My Statistics' page for each user. For example, Wiki Portlet Status: "Total articles: 1000; My Articles: 20; Awaiting Approval: 5".
      The problem is that portlets are being developed and deployed separately from the main application, thus we are not able to enumerate them in the -object.xml file.

      The desired scenario should look like the following:
      1) User clicks "My Statistics" page;
      2) Some interceptor handles this click, iterates over available portlets and checks for some "supportsStatisticPage" property.
      3) All selected portlets are being instantiated and added to the page programmatically.

      Are there any possibilities to do so?