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    Portal evaluation : JBoss vs. Liferay

    dsf sdf Newbie

      i'll have to develop web solutions in the near future using java portal technology.
      These projects are about developping enterprise intranets/portals and the main frameworks i'd like tu use are jsf/richfaces/spring.

      Given this, i'm currently trying to evaluate different portal solutions and i have ended up with two choices : JBoss & liferay.
      Not having enough time to fully test & try developping, customizing, etc... these 2 portals, i read all the stuff i can find about the subject.

      It seems to me that liferay & jboss are both great solutions, jboss having better support for ajax portlets thanks to protletbridge/richfaces but maybe missing some functionnalities / standard portlets offered by liferay.

      I'd like to have your views about the 2 products, regarding to ease of developmet & cutomization, jsf/ajax/gwt integration, features, performance, etc ...

      Thanks for your coments.