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    Problems using jsp in Jboss Portal

    Alex Lvov Newbie

      Hi i am experimenting with that jsp example helloworldjspportlet.war that is provided for jboss portal 2.6.5
      and have problems with quite basic things. In the java portlet i can see that there are jsp pages
      used for each of those 3 modes (View, Edit and Help), view.jsp, view2.jsp, edit.jsp and help.jsp
      So i figured i should be able to use other jsp pages like that (forex index.jsp) but the portal just dont seem to except anything else but view.jsp and view2.jsp in view mode so then i simply take a copy of view.jsp and change text in it i still get the old view.jsp. And yes i am sure i am building and deploying stuff correctly, i was actually been able to change context of view.jsp to
      something else but not to use index.jsp or something instead.

      rRequest.setAttribute("yourname", sYourName);
      PortletRequestDispatcher prd = getPortletContext().getRequestDispatcher("/WEB-INF/jsp/index.jsp");
      prd.include(rRequest, rResponse);

      Another problem i experienced is that i dont seem to be able to bundle images in the same .war
      When i use <img src="http://localhost:8080/portal/cotent/default/....> way of refering to the picture then no problem
      but if i place the picture in the same map in the .war as the jsp page and directly refer to it then no, it wont find it.

      I am using Jboss Portal 2.6.5 GA

      Any Experiences, Ideas on that matter ?