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    loadScript issue with richfaces + portlet

    brian young Newbie

      Hi guys, not intending to cross post here but I had an issue I tried to resolve vis the richfaces group, until I determined it wasn't really a richfaces issue.

      Basically I had a portlet that did this:

      <a4j:loadScript src="functions.js"/>

      using JBP 2.6.5.SP1 and the latest bridge. My script was never included, and finally I removed the portal from the picture and it started working. So something about funneling everything through the portal was breaking loadScript. Please take my word that I tried every combination of relative and absolute paths, resource paths, etc. to no avail.

      Anybody have any insight? My fear is this is some sort of a cross API issue (richfaces/sun RI/facelets/portlet bridge/portlet/etc.) and not as simple as an obvious bug in one API.