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    WARN  [LoadContexts] fail-safe cleanup

    Carlos Garcia Newbie

      Hi. wanna know if this warning is a dangerous one.
      Here's the Code.

      14:40:01,602 WARN [LoadContexts] fail-safe cleanup (collections) : org.hibernate.engine.loading.CollectionLoadContext@1749a
      14:40:01,664 WARN [LoadContexts] fail-safe cleanup (collections) : org.hibernate.engine.loading.CollectionLoadContext@42755
      14:40:01,711 WARN [LoadContexts] fail-safe cleanup (collections) : org.hibernate.engine.loading.CollectionLoadContext@13778
      14:40:01,774 WARN [LoadContexts] fail-safe cleanup (collections) : org.hibernate.engine.loading.CollectionLoadContext@1ee63

      It shows in console each time a user click on any link of the main portal Web (the /portal one).

      Seems that is "related" to the DB, but, in what aspect ?

      Thanks for the help.