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    Configuration of portal window via XML

    st mod Newbie

      I need to configure the association between portlet and window via XML configuration files.

      I am able to do this if I put just a portlet (it is an application) in a portal window. To do this I modify the xml configuration files of the war.

      Now I need to put three different portlet (they are three different war files) in the same window.

      I was not able to perform this task. I tried to modify the XML configuration files in the three war files but it does not work.

      According to me, the configuration files should be outside the war(s) because they define which war(s) and where have to stay in a portal window. I was not able to find nothing addressing this problem.

      Someone can help me?

      Thanks in advance


      p.s.: jboss portal version is 2.6.1.GA

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          st mod Newbie

          just to clarify the concept

          this is the XML snapshot of NAME-object.xml that I use to associate a portlet with a page. With this I am able to see the Application in the page HR Admin of the default portal.


          <page-name>HR Admin</page-name>

          If I want to add a different application to the same page, what I have to do?

          I tried to duplicate this file on the other application (obviously changing the correspondence in the other XML files), but I am able to see just one application.