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    Vertical Menu - Links - CMS menu

    Kiran Gunda Newbie

      hi : I m newbie to Jboss portal. I am using jboss portal 2.6.x.I have some static html files and I uploaded them to CMS using CMS portlet.

      I created a portal page with 2 column layout.

      (1) Now I want to create a 'vertical menu' in my first column. Is there any simple of way doing this? One (may be a crude )way is to create a portlet and have only one page in this portlet that has links and include this portlet in the first column.

      (2) Now on-click of these links I need to show the static html pages (that I uploaded to CMS) in the second column. Can you give some idea on how to achieve this?

      I googled the forum but couldn't get something like this. Appreciate your help.