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    PC2.0 and SAR files?

    Seema Gupta Newbie

      Hello Friends,

      Does JBoss Portlet Container 2.0 support deployment and usage of Custom SAR files?

      As per my understanding following JARs are required for SAR (in Enterprise Portal Server scenario):

      1. Jakarta Commons IO
      2. Jakarta Commons Logging
      3. jboss-common.jar
      4. jboss-jmx.jar
      5. jboss-system.jar
      6. jboss-xml-binding.jar

      However, I do see some *common*.jar files under: ..\jboss-portletcontainer-2.0.0-tomcat6\lib.

      Is it be ok to add above (# 1,2,3) "common" jar files under the PC2.0 lib? Will it conflict with the existing common jars? Has anybody tried it before and would like to share their experiences using SARs in PC2.0?

      Thank you so much in advance.