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    Custom Authentication

    jaya karteek Newbie

      Hi ,
      I am currently evaluating Jboss Portal server and I have completed a sample portal application with themes, layout, and portlets.
      I also had a Personalization of Themes and Layouts requirement. For this I understood that JBoss portal ‘Dashboard’ should be used for personalization.
      Here is my problem. If I want to use Dashboard, then I need to create a new user using ‘User Portlet’. Then I need to login to the Portal server so that I could view the Dashboard options.

      But in my sample portal application, there would be a login portlet where user will enter user ID and password. After successful authentication, the portal application would be shown to user. In order to show the ‘Dashboard’ (for personalization), . I do not want to provide another ‘Login’ (provided by Portal server by default) for Portal server authentication. As soon as my UserID and Password are authenticated, I want to make sure that my User ID is registered with Portal server and authenticated by ‘User Portlet’ automatically. This way I can avoid showing another Login option to user again. But I can able to show the Personal Dashboard options.

      Could any one please guide me on my problem?

      Jaya Karteek