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    DivDecorationRenderer determine portlet

    Eric Smith Newbie

      Using Portal 2.6.4.
      Is there a way I can access the instance of JBossPortlet being rendered in a DivDecorationRenderer? I want to branch the Help mode logic based on the theme and the portlet (and adjust the title based on the locale). It has a RendererContext from which I can obtain the theme, and it has a DecorationRendererContext which has the Portlet title (I'd rather not compare title strings).

      Also a way to getLocale()? JIRA 555 (http://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/JBPORTAL-555) said RenderContext.getLocale() was added for this purpose, but that was 2006 and RenderContext is no longer passed in.

      Old code

      private static void renderModeAndStateLinks(RenderContext ctx, WindowResult result, String selector)

      v2.6.4 code
      private static void renderTriggerableActions(RendererContext ctx,
       DecorationRendererContext drc, String selector) {