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    Page policy redirect policy not working

    Sandor Arpa Newbie


      I am using jboss-portal-2.6.2.GA.

      I am trying to achieve a problem which I am sure some of you have already solved. I am trying to redirect the user after login when he has no access to the given portal page. The use case is that some of our users bookmark a page that is for password change only. Once user changed the password the access to this page is revoked. So, when user tries to login naturally access is denied and the default page (403) is displayed.

      I added the following lines to the -object.xml:


      I also set 'When access to the page is denied' to Redirect to the specified resource and 'On error redirect to this resource' to /WEB-INF/jsp/redirect.jsp in the the Admin module -> portal -> portal properties.

      My problem is that the page still displays the original message:

      HTTP Status 403 -
      type Status report
      description Access to the specified resource () has been forbidden.

      How can I set the page policy to redirect me to my own jsp?

      Thanks in advance!