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    JSF Based Portlet and IPC

    Sreeni Jakka Newbie

      I have a JBoss portal up with several JSF/RichFaces portlets that are deployed into it, and using the JBoss PortletBridge. I am struggling to find some info on how to make IPC work in JSF portlets. I see the IPC sample in JBoss reference guide, but that doesn't address a JSF portlet scenario with backing beans. Has anyone done IPC (event based linking of one portlet to another portlet) in a JSF/Rich Faces environment? Is there a sample available from Jboss or any recommendations from Jboss?

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          sreedhar Newbie

          Are you able to find/resolve the IPC in JSF?

          If YES, Can you provide the solution, if you any.

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            Sreeni Jakka Newbie

            No luck yet! I am surprised that no one from the JBoss team has addressed this or similar thread from the past few months. JBoss and other vendors promote JSF, and it's part of the Core Java framework now, but still we have these fundamental impediments working with JSR168. Not sure, if everyone is thinking JSR 168 will go away in favor of the Portal 2.0, but Portal 2.0 will take at least few years to stabilize. So, I am not sure if JSR168 can be abandoned at this stage.