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    unable to create portlet instance: says it already exists

    Alexey Borschenko Newbie

      Hi All!

      Have a weird problem: unable to create portlet instance from admin UI.
      Here is a case:
      Our portal had leftNavPortlet defined in XML under some_name.war.
      Then we removed this portlet form this war and placed to separate war with same name definition (leftNavPortlet) and from now it seems to have a different portlet name when deployed like:


      In admin UI I can't see portlet instance named leftNavPortletInstance... so I tried to create one by selecting local./ontometrics-jboss-portlets.leftNavPortlet from available portlets list but it gives me error:

      An instance with the id leftNavPortletInstance already exist!

      But I CAN'T see it in portlet instances defined!
      How do I cleanup it?

      Actually when I dropped local portal DB instance and deployed from scratch - all was working fine. But I don't want to drop DB on production!